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Robert P D Frost & Co Ltd Injection Mould Tools & Plastic Mouldings

Injection Mould Tools

Our Plastic Injection Mould Tools are manufactured from Alumec 89 Tooling Plate and P20 steel. Alumec 89 is the ideal material for prototype moulds, being cheaper to produce exceptionally high quality moulds tools. These are capable of moulding extremely large quantities if required. For example, we have Alumec moulds that have done 340,000 shots with minimal maintenance. It also lends itself to tool modification as required. Alumec is better than steel for some applications as it has 1/3 density, high machinability, 4 times the thermal conductivity, superior corrosion resistance and higher strength levels than steel. Full steel, steel inserts and cores are used where required for larger production volumes and abrasive materials.

Initial high start up costs are further minimised by producing tool inserts that fit into our standard bolsters.

Mould Tool Types Available

  • Core Puller - enables holes and features in moulding
  • Family Mould Tools - makes several different sized and shaped parts eg. model car shock absorbers
  • Hot Runner - no waste or sprue witness
  • Insert - metal standard and bespoke inserts added to tool (either during or post moulding) to create a metal screw thread
  • Multi-impression Mould Tools - identical parts moulded at the same time
  • Single Impression - one part moulded by itself
  • Overmould - moulding on top of another part (moulding or metal part)
  • Threaded - screw thread produced from tool cavity

Initial Samples

  1. New injection moulds are sampled in our moulding shop and sent out with an approval form. As our Tool Setters sample, any accompanying jigs are tested and perfected for standardising production and minimising operator error. The settings are finalised and recorded for future injection moulding runs.
  2. Once approved, our identical sample is then stored in the locked approved cupboard in readiness for production.
  3. Mould tools are retained on site and mouldings are ordered as required.

Tool Modification

A single impression Injection Mould Tool created for the Manumould operator controlled machine for short-runs, can be modified at a later date to a Production Tool on an Arburg Automatic Machine with multiple impressions if so required.

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