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Robert P D Frost & Co Ltd Injection Mould Tools & Plastic Mouldings

Mould Tool Design

  • Contact us before finalising your design for our production expertise.
  • Getting a design right at the outset can save thousands of pounds over the life of a product.
  • Injection moulding techniques may dictate slight product design changes or improvements.
  • We can advise on inserts or polymer options.
  • 121 different Masterbatches stocked to economically produce plastic parts in a wide range of colours - please see the colour wheel on the links page for material compatibility and choice available.
  • Mould Tool Design Department is fully computerised. We can read your drawing and model files in the majority of standard formats. In house software used is Rhino (Version 5), OneCNCXR2 and SpinFire Professional.
  • Equally able to work from traditional drawings, sketches, models and parts.
  • Alumec 89 tooling plate can be easily modified to further improve the finished product following sampling.
  • Full P20 steel tools & steel inserts used for abrasive materials & high volume production jobs.
  • Tool and Moulding Shop on one site which further aids sampling and product development.

Robert PD Frost & Co Ltd
45 Burrowfield
Welwyn Garden City
Phone +44 (0)1707 331188
Fax +44 (0)1707 393714

Design in Progress

Mould Tool Design in Action


CAD/CAM Design

We can read most file formats you can e-mail, post or fax your drawings, or use our Quote Form.

Phone +44 (0)1707 331188
Fax +44 (0)1707 393714
Contact us: Click here to contact us