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Robert P D Frost & Co Ltd Injection Mould Tools & Plastic Mouldings

Engineering Polymers used by Frost's

Acronyms Material Characteristics Trade Names Our applications
ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene High rigidity, high impact, good chemical resistance, outstanding electrical properties, strong, good aesthetics Starex, Cycolac  Valves, covers, end caps, CD & DVD doors, bezels, knobs, boxes & lids, model trains.
COC Cyclic Olefin Copolymer High transparency, outstanding moisture barrier, high rigidity and strength, very good resistance to acids and alkalis and polar organic solvents, electrical insulation properties Topas Medical bio-diagnostic applications, optcal parts, automotive parts.
COP Cyclo Olefin Polymers High transparency, outstanding moisture barrier, high heat resistance, high mechanical stiffness,outstanding dimensional stability, good impact resistance. Zeonor Medical vials, cuvettes.
EVA Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Versatile, impact resistant, good aesthetics Evatane Valves, diaphragms.
HDPE High Density Polythene Strong & stiff Lupolen Chair feet, bottle caps, trays, bungs.
LDPE Low Density Polythene Strong & Flexible Riblene, Atofina Closures, lens caps, caps.
PA12 Nylon 12 Polyamide Transparent, low water absorption and therefore high dimensional stability. Stiff, tough, stress crack and corrosion
Grilamid Electrical socket housing.
PA6 Nylon 6 Polyamide Excellent rigidity, heat & chemical resistance, good strength, rigidity & flame retardant. Grivory
Grilon Capron, Starmide.
Transmission housing for  model cars , nuts and bolts, bobbins, washers, spacers, bearings, clamp rings, closures, bushes.
Acronyms Material Characteristics Trade Names Our applications
PA66 Nylon 66 Polyamide Excellent heat & chemical resistance, good strength, rigidity & flame retardant. Nylatron, Zytel, Vitamide Lubriloy, Vydyne Contact plates, plugs, buttons, plug in terminal strips, switch components.
PBT Polybutylene Terephthalate Good rigidity. Crastin,
Oven handles.
PC Polycarbonate Very tough at extremes of temperature, excellent transparency, flame retardant, resistant to the weather and excellent impact resistance Lexan
PC windows , clips, light pipes, window tubes, illuminated buttons.
PC/ABS Polycarbonate ABS Good impact resistance, dimensional stability, flame retardant & heat resistance. Cycoloy
Cases, lids, keyboard surrounds, housings.
PEI Polyetherimide Excellent rigidity, flame retardant, heat resistant, & chemical resistance Ultem Lamp Housings.
PMMA Polymethyl methacrylate Good resistance to UV light, surface hardness & rigidity, excellent transparency. Brittle. Diakon, Degalan, Oroglas. Lenses, windows, light guides.
POMC Acetal Very tough, resistant to chemicals, dimensions highly stable. Delrin, Hostaform Gears, bearings, valves.
Acronyms Material Characteristics Trade Names Our applications
POMH Acetal/PTFE Superior fatigue resistance, high impact strength, good weather resistance. Tenac. Bushes, gears.
PP Polypropylene Excellent chemical resistance, good transparency and resistant to impact. Exxtral, Statkon, Hostacom, Moplen, Borealis, Atofina.  Brackets, probes, valves, dolls house kitchen ware, handles, and end caps, mixing caps.
PPO Polyphenylene oxide Very good physical properties, good heat resistance, poor chemical resistance, very stable dimensionally, and good electrical insulating properties. Noryl Housings, connectors, brackets, electrical switch boxes.
PPS Polyphenylene sulfide Excellent rigidity, flame retardant, heat & chemical resistance Fortron
Pumps, pistons lamp houses, sockets.
PS Polystyrene Excellent transparency. Brittle, high impact. K-Resin Capillary plates.
SAN Styrene acrylonitrile Excellent transparency, good rigidity. Starex, LGchem Windows, lenses,
TPE Thermoplastic elastomer Excellent flexibility, good impact resistance, flame retardant & chemical resistant. Evoprene, Santoprene Hytrel Thermoflex. Seals, washers, bushes,  medical plugs.
Acronyms Material Characteristics Trade Names Our applications
TPE-E Thermoplastic Elastomer/Polyester High mechanical strength, high flexibility and chemical resistance, excellent surface gloss and good printability. Riteflex Seals, gaskets, locker keystraps.
TPU Thermoplastic Polyurethane Excellent flexibility, good transparency, impact resistant & chemical resistant. Pellethane Medical cannulas & tubes.
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