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Robert P D Frost & Co Ltd Injection Mould Tools & Plastic Mouldings

Plastic Component Assembly

Inserts are fabricated as required for overmoulding with the aid of Jigs manufactured in house. Pre and post injection moulding work is regularly carried out in our assembly room. We ream, pack, individually bag and add inserts and pins as required.

We presently use 90 different inserts – standard inserts are held in stock and inserted in the tool prior to moulding or heat-sunk after moulding. Inserts can provide screw fixings or electrical contacts.

Several of our jobs involve multiple processes - stainless steel strips are cut, punched, overmoulded and then bent. Cable assemblies are produced with wire cutting, soldering, crimping, heat shrinking and potting. They are then tested for electrical connectivity. 0.5mm diameter polythene tube is cut and overmoulded.

One example of an assembly job involves reaming, adding an ‘o’ ring, insertion of a washer, screwing together, tightening and testing for vacuum.

Our assembly room is a low-dust environment, suitable for assembly of medical and laboratory products.


We bag many of our parts individually in sealed or polygrip bags. Recently customers have requested packing small quantities in boxes with instruction leaflets and labels ready for sale. Other items are double boxed for medical applications.

Our aim is to provide the service you require – all options are considered and where possible we will fulfil your objectives.

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Core pulling & cutter jig

Phone +44 (0)1707 331188
Fax +44 (0)1707 393714
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